5 Ways Managed IT Services Help You Focus On Running Your Business

Nov 9, 2022

Every modern organization uses technology to maximize efficiency, which is why a robust IT infrastructure is a must for businesses of all sizes. But IT demands are changing, and it can be tough for small businesses to keep up. Unfortunately, many small business leaders with limited resources have to choose between network handling and digital transformation. 

Managed IT services take the day-to-day technology burden off your hands so you can focus on projects that move your business forward. In fact, the right managed IT service provider can help you boost efficiency by an average of 50-60%.1 Read on to learn more about the time-saving benefits of managed IT services for small businesses.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services allow companies to outsource IT tasks, including infrastructure, security, and more, to a third-party provider. Specific services vary among providers, but you can expect a managed IT service provider to handle certain aspects of your business technology. You can enjoy reliable connectivity without pulling internal resources away from important projects. 

If you’re struggling to run your day-to-day IT needs while keeping your business competitive, it’s likely time to consider working with a managed IT service provider

Advantages of Having a Managed IT Service Provider

Managed IT services can improve your work processes, security, and more to help you spend less time on your IT and more time running your business. Here are five advantages of working with a managed IT service provider:

1. Time Savings

Cloud technologies and hybrid workforce solutions are rising in popularity, but overseeing these solutions leaves little time for anything else. A managed IT service provider can streamline your systems and minimize disruptions. This gives you peace of mind knowing your day-to-day IT needs are taken care of and freeing up your time to work on other tasks.

2. Support

Fast, responsive IT support is essential – especially during network outages or cyber attacks. With the right managed IT service provider, you can depend on 24/7 monitoring to keep your business connected and locally-based, onsite support whenever you need it.

3. Security

A single cyber attack costs businesses $200,000 on average.2 Managed IT services can strengthen your security posture and protect you from cyber threats like malware and ransomware with advanced cyber security solutions.

4. Expertise

Making uninformed decisions when choosing and implementing new IT solutions can lead to mistakes that expose your business to data breaches and other costly consequences. Your managed IT service provider can offer the expertise needed to keep your technology up to date and running as efficiently as possible. It also helps you avoid mistakes down the road.

5. Predictable Costs

Small businesses spend an average of 6.9% of their annual revenue on overseeing their IT services.3 Subscription-based managed IT services can help businesses cut costs by as much as 40% by delivering predictable monthly costs that scale depending on your needs.4

Granite: Your Trusted Managed IT Service Provider

Granite Technology Solutions provides holistic managed IT services designed to help you meet the new world of IT and voice head-on. We provide 24/7 network monitoring services backed by expert remote and onsite support to ensure your business runs smoothly.

We’ve served clients throughout Montana and the surrounding states for over 25 years with end-to-end IT and voice solutions. Trust Granite to deliver local, personal support from a partner who truly cares about helping you grow your business. Contact our team today to get started with holistic managed IT services that meet your unique needs.


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