Top 10 Benefits of Managed IT Services

Aug 30, 2022

There was a time when business leaders only had to focus on one thing: doing their job. Today, technology is the backbone of most modern businesses, helping you connect with customers, simplify operations, and reach your goals. But if you’re spending all your time juggling various technology systems, how can you focus on growing your business?

Managed IT services are a simple, effective solution to your technology troubles. In this blog, we’ll discuss the advantages of having a managed IT service provider and how you can start experiencing these benefits for your Montana business.

What Are the Benefits of Managed IT Services?

By outsourcing your IT to a reliable managed service provider (MSP), you can enjoy cost savings, responsive support, reduced strain on your IT staff, and more. Here are ten benefits of managed IT services:

1. More Time in the Day 

With your MSP taking the day-to-day technology burden off your hands, you and your team will have more time in the day to work on projects that grow your business instead.

2. Peace of Mind 

The right managed IT services provider should offer round-the-clock monitoring, so you can rest easy knowing your network is always up and running.

3. Attentive Support

Businesses can’t afford to experience network downtime or issues with their systems. Your MSP should offer reliable, caring customer support and a fast response any time you have problems that need fixing.

4. Improved Security

Strong network security is a must, especially for small businesses – which are prime targets for cyber criminals. Many managed service providers offer cyber security solutions like antivirus programs, data backup, and more to protect your network.

5. Expert Advice 

Your MSP is an expert in all things technology, so you can turn to them for proactive advising on IT solutions that streamline your systems and help you stay ahead of problems before they begin.

6. One Company to Contact

Chances are, you have more IT vendors than you can keep up with. As businesses rely more heavily on technology, the number of services needed to keep up with the competition increases. Working with an MSP eliminates this problem since you only have to remember one company to contact for your IT needs.

7. Future-Proof Solutions

Technology is constantly changing, but your business will stay one step ahead of it – without needing to pay for upgrades or training – when you outsource your IT to a managed IT services provider.

8. Higher Productivity

Many Montana businesses experience network or phone system downtime due to improperly-maintained systems, leading to decreased employee productivity and unsatisfied customers. Your managed IT services provider will work to keep your systems up to date and connected at all times. 

9. Predictable Monthly Costs

Managed IT services are paid for in predictable monthly payments, making it easier to budget your IT expenses. Your MSP can also help you find and eliminate unused technology products or services, helping you save more in the long run.

10. Scalable, Flexible Service

As your Montana business grows, your IT needs grow as well. Many MSPs offer different levels of support – from fully remote to onsite staff – to meet your unique needs and scale alongside your business.

Rely on Granite for Holistic Managed IT Services in Montana

Granite helps businesses throughout Montana simplify work and improve customer service with complete technology solutions that meet the modern world of IT – backed by attentive, caring support. Our managed IT services are holistic and flexible, with remote and onsite availability to meet your unique needs. Contact Granite today or book a demo to take the burden of day-to-day technology demands off your hands, so you can get back to growing your business.

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